Putting Consumers First

Delivering Access to Justice through

Ethical and Professional Standards


Core to the PFCA meeting its objectives, is the strength of its governance and making decisions which will define expectations. The governance of the PFCA is separated from the governance of the operation of its Code of Practice. This is the responsibility of the independent Chairman of the PFCA.


Anthony Chorlton
Gladstone Brookes


Tony Gioserano

What will the PFCA Board do?

  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership
  • Set the company’s values and standards
  • Agree Objectives and Strategy
  • Ensure the financial resources are available to achieve objectives
  • Review the PFCA’s performance

Membership Benefits & Services

The Benefits and Services of the Professional Financial Claims Association are intended to extend beyond its own membership. The Financial Claims Management sector needs a credible ‘voice’ at a time of change and increased scrutiny within the sector.

PFCA Code of Practice

The members of the Professional Financial Claims Association wish to set professional standards for member firms...

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