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John Goodfellow • PFCA Founder Member Director
Thank you!

Firstly, the members and directors of the PFCA offer their thoughts to the family of John Goodfellow following the sad news he had ‘passed away’ at the weekend.

John was a Founder Member, director of the PFCA and played a key role in its formative months and thereafter following its launch in July 2013. At meetings John’s knowledge, wisdom and forthright pragmatic approach proved invaluable; a balance of his entrepreneurial drive and corporate experience was rare and complemented the team, some who had known John for over 20 years.

With true Glaswegian spirit, “Getting to really know each other is important” this would underpin the trust to share information between members and ensure the PFCA questioned those who had wronged the Consumer; this was a passionate commitment of Johns and has certainly worked.

John you will be missed by many; for your time, wit and wisdom; we all thank you!

With fond memories

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