CMR Consultation:



The Consultation Paper which was issued 15th February 2016 for submission 11th April 2016, set out the Claims Management Regulators [CMR] proposals to place restrictions on the level of fees that regulated Claims Management Companies [CMCs] would be allowed to charge consumers in the financial products and services claims sector.

The Consultation invited views and “further evidence” in relation to the proposals set out in the Consultation and was sent at all regulated CMCs, trade bodies and other representative bodies with an interest in claims management matters in England and Wales.

The PFCA welcomed the opportunity to respond offering a “first-class evidence based response” to the CMR.

This included a Consumer survey undertaken by Populus: (please note the appendices are not available for publication)

  • Proposals issued by the CMR are contained in the PFCA response: ( read or download )
  • The PFCA requested Populus to ask Consumers (2016 adults) questions about mis-sold PPI and CMCs: (read or download)