PFCA Benefits & Services

The Benefits and Services of the Professional Financial Claims Association are intended to extend beyond its own membership. The Financial Claims Management sector needs a credible ‘voice’ at a time of change and increased scrutiny within the sector. The standard and level of accountability for PFCA members is set high, the Code of Practice should represent a framework for other firms to work to. It is the intention of the PFCA to offer ‘Assurance Auditing’ services supported by Rockstead who have been engaged in respect of ensuring compliance with the published, PFCA Code of Practice.


  • Raising industry standards and professional services
  • Representation with all industry bodies
  • Working with regulators to develop best practice
  • A ‘voice’ communicating with Consumer bodies
  • Addressing issues to reduce consumer detriment
  • Improve communication and processes
  • Information sharing and presentation of ‘facts’
  • Working with all parties within the sector


  • Assurance Auditing
  • Monitoring and Compliance
  • Accredited training qualification for Financial Claims Management
  • Financial Claims Management sector- Members Forum
  • Online Financial Claims Management communication