Core to the PFCA meeting its objectives, is the strength of its governance and making decisions which will define expectations. The governance of the PFCA is separated from the governance of the operation of its Code of Practice. This is the responsibility of the independent Chairman of the PFCA.

Nick Baxter is independent Chairman of the PFCA; he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the association and its members. His passion for championing the consumer is balanced with his understanding of the financial services industry and the requirements of PFCA members and others who operate in the financial claims management sector.

Experience and Independence

Nick is appointed by the HM Courts & Tribunals service to ‘sit’ as a Tribunal Member on the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal and the Estate Agents Appeals Tribunal; he has an intimate understanding of financial law and compliance. He was a member of the Mortgage Code Compliance Board (MCCB) Advisory Group and its disciplinary Committee up until when the FSA took over in 2004. Nick has also given advice to European Commissioners, lenders, trade associations and consumer groups in Brussels on the European code of lending practice. He will robustly apply this background and his independence to monitor compliance with the Code of Practice and the practices of PFCA Founders and its membership, actively being the PFCA ‘voice’ and spokesperson.

Member Directors:

Anthony Chorlton
Gladstone Brookes

Nick Baxter
Independent Chairman

Carl Miller
Investor Compensation

What will the PFCA Board do?

  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership
  • Set the company’s values and standards
  • Agree Objectives and Strategy
  • Ensure the financial resources are available to achieve objectives
  • Review the PFCA’s performance