Membership Application

Applications for membership

“Full Member” means a member elected as a full member in accordance with the process and terms below:

Before the submission of an application for membership, each person who is mandated and authorised by their ‘business’ to make an application for membership on behalf of their firm must confirm that the criteria below can be met.

Businesses must:

  • Be regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and recorded at
  • Actively traded for a minimum of 18 months (or be a subsidiary of a business which has)
    Please note: Where a business plan and investment proposal for a new business (regulated by the CMR) is available, this will be presented to and considered by the PFCA Board.
  • Confirm that compliance with the published PFCA Code of Practice can be met
  • Agree to a “Full Member” Assurance Audit, refer to: compliance-and-auditing
  • Agree to annual member audits, refer to: compliance-and-auditing
  • Agree to share data with the Independent Chairman of the PFCA as and when requested in an agreed format
  • Respond to all “Consultation” papers as requested by the PFCA to ensure it is able to respond as a representative Association
  • Agree to abide by the “Statement of Principles (BBA) which sets the standard for CMCs when taking Letters of Authority (authority) from customers, to allow them to handle PPI mis-selling complaints on their behalf.”
  • Pay by standing order the monthly ‘membership’ subscription, this is currently capped at £1000.00 per month

Making an enquiry for membership

Subject to meeting the above criteria, please select Membership at and submit your enquiry.

Following the submission of an enquiry for membership, acknowledgement will be made by email; this will be followed by a request to engage in a telephone call if initial enquiries made by the PFCA are satisfactory.

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