What is the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)?


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s advertising regulator for all forms of media and works to apply the Advertising Codes that are created by the Committee of Advertising Practice. The ASA is a non-statutory organisation and cannot therefore enforce legislation. This body is funded through levies placed on the advertising industry.

The ASA’s main roles, objectives and responsibilities are:

  • Investigating and acting on any complaints received on items that fall under its remit
  • Regular and proactive checking of all media to ensure it is fair and not misleading to the consumer and public
  • Taking immediate action against any advertising that is found to be ‘misleading, harmful and offensive’
  • Helping to provide guidance, training and pre-publication advice to the industry
  • Carrying out regular checks on advertisements and surveys in sectors where there is social concern

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