Dr. Daniel Hall

Managing Director - All Square Finance Ltd. (allSquare)

Daniel has over eighteen years of financial services experience which includes five years as Managing Director of allSquare, eight years in Sales and Capital Markets roles at Barclays Bank and four years as a Treasury & Capital Markets consultant at Deloitte. Daniel set up allSquare in October 2012 in order to assist businesses with complex hedging claims. Since then, allSquare has assisted hundreds of clients with successful claims against banks for Interest Rate Hedging Products, Tailored Business Loans, Fixed Rate Business Loans and Commercial PPI under the brand www.allsquare.co.uk

Daniel holds a PhD in Industrial Economics and Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, an MBA, an MSc in International Banking & Finance, a Post Graduate Diploma in Law and the Securities Institute Diploma. He has also been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder since 2004 and lectures in Banking Practice and Management. Daniel is regularly quoted in the media on banking conduct and mis-selling issues and has appeared in Reuters, CityAM, Yorkshire Post and the BBC.


Dr. Daniel's News Articles

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) providers should be getting very worried

March 1, 2018

Recent growth in the SIPP industry With the trends of restructuring defined benefit (company) pension schemes into personal pensions combined with the liberalisation of pension transfers and investments, the Self-invested personal pension (SIPP) ...


Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Groups’ £1 billion Tailored Business Loan Mis-selling Headache

September 26, 2017

The Failings of a Complaint Handling Process Almost three years ago I wrote a blog about Clydesdale’s hidden ‘hidden Swap’ bill. At that time, the executives at Clydesdale Bank had recently testified to the Treasury Select Committee’s evidence ...


I’m a mortgage prisoner…get me out of here!

May 11, 2017

The term “mortgage prisoner” has been banded around for a couple of years now, but it could soon start taking on a much more significant meaning. A “mortgage prisoner” is a term used to describe someone who is trapped into paying a high interest ...


RBS GRG – Another half-cocked ad-hoc FCA sponsored compensation scheme in the making

December 19, 2016

When the long awaited Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Global Restructuring Group (GRG) proposed compensation scheme was announced on 8th November 2016, it was soon met with a barrage of predictable criticism. But why the outpouring of such ...


Fixed Rate Business Loans – Falling bank Base Rates

September 21, 2016

The risks were not explained by many banks! Just when you thought interest rates had bottomed, we are now heading even lower. On 4th August 2016, the Bank of England cut the Official Bank Rate from 0.5% to 0.25%. There is even talk of another ...


A full judicial review – Mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging Products

April 28, 2015

A full judicial review – Mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging Products Last Friday, the long awaited hearing occurred in the Royal Courts relating to a judicial review of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Interest Rate Hedging Product (IRHP) ...


FCA deadline as mis-sold Interest Rate Cap Scheme closes

March 31, 2015

So here we have it, the finishing line is not only in sight but many businesses are about to cross it. Like any race, there will be winners and losers. Let’s be very clear about what the 31st March deadline actually means for businesses and take ...


RBS and a New Year, Same Old Same Old: Enterprise Finance Guarantee Loan Mis-selling

January 28, 2015

One thing is guaranteed, the banks’ financially enterprising ability to mis-sell the most simple of products. After exactly 14 days into 2015, Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) Loans are fast making their way onto the roll of dishonour of ...


Interest Rate Hedging Product Mis-selling – Advent Calendar

December 24, 2014

So here it is. A full advent calendar of 24 useful tips for businesses that are seeking information about Interest Rate Hedging Product Review (Swaps) Mis-selling. There are many questions from businesses about the FCA IRHP Review Scheme, as ...


RBS prompts time for an independent review of the Independent Reviewer?

December 10, 2014

As reported in The Times on 4th December 2014, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been accused by a whistleblower, of trying to minimise compensation for the Interest Rate Hedging Product (IRHP) mis-selling scandal with the aid of the ...


Mis-sold Foreign Exchange market was FiXed

November 13, 2014

The FX Market background Before I delve into the meat of yesterday’s news, whereby the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) imposed their largest ever fine across the banking industry, I thought it would help to provide a snippet of background ...


Clydesdale’s Full Year Results and the hidden ‘hidden Swap’ bill

November 6, 2014

National Australia Bank (NAB), parent company of Clydesdale Bank PLC (Clydesdale), which operates under the Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank brands, announced their Full Year End results last week for the Year End 30 September 2014. ...

Black and white business people working together at small office

Swaps Claims activity – My top 5 developments

October 16, 2014

It’s been some time since my last update on this blog. Apologies for this absence, but as you can imagine there has been an enormous amount of activity in the Swaps claims space over the past 6 months. To help our readers, I thought it would be ...


A Christmas Carol in Swaps Land “Tis the season to be merry”

December 23, 2013

Well, unfortunately, that largely depends on which ‘camp’ you are in. In one camp, businesses will be entering the festive period with a warm hearty smile having been offered redress for a mis-sold interest rate hedging product (IRHP), ...


Panorama Exposes Britain’s New Banking Scandal

October 17, 2013

So some 15 months after the first reporting of widespread mis-selling of Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHPs), the BBC’s Panorama pick up on the issue. Congratulations to the BBC, but why has it taken so long? I have picked out a number of key ...