Putting Consumers First, Delivering Access to Justice through Ethical and Professional Standards

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Putting Consumers First is at the heart of the Professional Financial Claims Association’s objectives. Members undertake to work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with Consumers, financial institutions and other parties associated with the process of Financial Dispute Resolution Management. The ethics and principles which support this are set out in the PFCA Code of Practice.

The PFCA strives to offer representation on behalf of its members, a ‘voice’ to bridge the gap between the consumer, financial industry and regulators, “creating a platform for quality debate” through which its members communicate. Collaboration and communication with the Claims Management Regulator, Financial Ombudsman Service, and all other bodies associated with financial services regulation and the Financial Dispute Resolution Management process is essential in achieving this goal.

Access to Justice

Financial Claims for mis-sold products continue to make headline news. Consumers and businesses have been victims of poor or inappropriate practices within the banking and wider financial services sector. They must have ‘Access to Justice’.

"Creating a platform for quality debate"

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CMR Fee Cap Consultation - 15th February

Cutting the costs for consumers - Financial claims

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PFCA Code of Practice

The members of the Professional Financial Claims Association wish to set professional standards for member firms...
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Membership Benefits & Services

The Benefits and Services of the Professional Financial Claims Association are intended to extend beyond its own membership. The Financial Claims Management sector needs a credible ‘voice’ at a time of change and increased scrutiny within the sector.

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